Take control of your video

Build your own your in-house video solution – and take control of your video today.

T h e  P r o b l e m

Inhouse Video is hard...

Developing and maintaining an in-house video department or resource, can be a vital step towards growth, but is not an easy task.

T H E   S O L U T I O N


One InHouse provides you with the right knowledge, systems, staff and support so that you can develop and maintain an inhouse resource to make the best videos across your entire organisation.

How it works

To roll out your in-house video resource we simply follow the 4 steps below...


Assesses your video needs across all departments to scope the best overall in-house solution


Workshops video content with department teams to form a custom production plan for each department.


Installs the equipment, processes, people and support and integrates with your current systems


Maintains the hardware and software, manages and improves process, trains and upskills alll staff

Ready to take your video in-house?

3 Levels of Service

Pick the level most suited to your requirements, or we can assess your needs and recommend

1: Shoot-it-Yourself

  • We provide equipment & training
  • You shoot in-house
  • We edit & deliver

2: Full InHouse

  • We place and maintain in-house equipment
  • We place and support in-house video staff
  • We integrate production into your processes

3: Complete Studio

  • We spec and build in-house studio
  • We manage and maintain production
  • We place and support in-house staff

Video Management System

All service levels come complete with a customised video management system  – allowing upload, download, review and project management.  This allows us to roll out the most effective video production processes on site for you.


Secure upload of shot footage


Markup, share, discuss, review the edits created


Download in all commercial-ready formats and sizes


All footage shot is retained for review and re-use

Built on 20 Years Experience

Built on 20 years of proven expertise in video production infrastructure. We know what works & we know how to manage it.

Avoid spiralling costs, expensive mistakes, delays and duplicated effort, and instead get the right systems, staff and support to make the best videos across your entire organisation