Level 2: Full Inhouse

We build, hire and maintain your inhouse video team for you – integrating systems, staff and training  so that you have a supported, seamless inhouse video resource for all departments

  • Spec, purchase and assembly of full video production resource
  • Hardware and gear maintenance
  • Customised hardware and software solution
  • Software and systems media IT support
  • Best op or ops hired, trained and inserted into your team
  • Production processes planned, customized and integrated
  • Custom video brand guidelines & templates
  • Ongoing training and upskilling of operators
  • Operator tool, template & knowledge network
  • Databases of resources, e.g. stock video, images, and graphics
  • Vetted external resources – e.g. roster of voiceover artists
  • Video content workshops to define content strands
  • Dedicated Content, Technical and Creative professionals
  • Data archiving and warehousing off-site

Avoid spiralling costs, expensive mistakes, delays and duplicated effort, and instead get the right systems, staff and support to make the best videos across your entire organisation